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Feely Field
General Information

Feely Field Oil & Gas Data

General Field Information

Produces Oil: Yes Produces Gas: No
Exploration Method: Core drilling revealed an anomaly in the area; this was later defined by reflection seismograph.
Drilling Casing Practices: Production casing was set through the pay zone and each member was selectively perforated and acidized. In the average well, 270 feet of surface casing was set.

Discovery Well(s)

Discovery Date Well Name Available Well Data Oil Production Gas Production LAS File Viewer with Core Data Plots Core Image Core Data Table
14 MAY 1952 C. E. FEELY 1
No Gas Production No Digital LAS Files No Core Images No Core Data
Well Location: SE SE SW 2-T5S-R27W
Rotary Total Depth: 4040
Production Zone: LANSING (Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)
Initial Oil Potential: 784
Perforations: 3590-3604
Data Source: DISCOVERY 4840

Summary Production Information

Field Size: 640 acres
Total Wells: 23
Productive Oil Wells: 7 as of September 1971
Abandoned Wells: 10
Cumulative Oil: 388,654.00 bbls as of September 1971

Producing Formation:

(Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)

Depth Top: 3590 feet
Formation Lithology: The upper three members of the Lansing group are oolitic limestones; these are 14, 5 and 11 feet thick, respectively, with 2 to 5 feet of porosity each. These members become finely crystalline limestones up-dip and lose their porosity.
Trap Type: Feely field is a result of an up-dip porosity wedge-out in the upper three lime members of the Lansing group; the porosity trap occurs on the Adell-Jennings anticline trend. Please refer to Adell Northwest field for type log.

LANS.-K.C. (Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)

Thickness: 14 feet

LANS.-K.C. (Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)
Oil & Gas Production Information

Produces Oil: Yes
Maximum Net Pay: 5 feet
Average Oil Column: 20
Oil Water Contact: -983
Drive Mechanism: Water drive and gas solution drive
Water Production: As of November 1958, all the wells were producing small amounts of water, varying from a trace to 8 barrels per day.
Initial Pressure: 1150 Data Source of Initial Pressure: DST
Proven Production: 160 acres Production Well Spacing: 20 acres

LANS.-K.C. (Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)
Oil Chemistry

Minimum Oil API Gravity: 34 Maximum Oil API Gravity: 39 %

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