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Nollette East Field
General Information

Nollette East Field Oil & Gas Data

General Field Information

Produces Oil: Yes Produces Gas: No

Discovery Well(s)

Discovery Date Well Name Available Well Data Oil Production Gas Production LAS File Viewer with Core Data Plots Core Image Core Data Table
17 MAR 1983 K. KRUG 1
No Gas Production No Digital LAS Files No Core Images No Core Data
Well Location: C W2 SW SW 14-T10S-R33W
Rotary Total Depth: 4451
Production Zone: Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup
Data Source: DISCOVERY 4256

Summary Production Information

Field Size: 160 acres
Total Wells: 5
Productive Oil Wells: 1 as of February 2018
Abandoned Wells: 3
Cumulative Oil: 13,117.50 bbls as of February 2018

Producing Formation:

(Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)

Depth Top: 4081 feet

LANS.-K.C. (Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)

Thickness: 35 feet

LANS.-K.C. (Lansing - Kansas City Supergroup)
Oil & Gas Production Information

Produces Oil: Yes

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