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Summary Page for Neufeldt 5 Well

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KID: 1006117581 API-Number: 15-155-21036 Well Name: Neufeldt 5
Location: T23S R4W sec. 12    
Latitude: 38.0694073 Longitude: -97.7119707  
County: RENO   Status: OIL
Total Depth: 3950 Elevation GL: 1491 Elevation KB: 1496

Log ASCII Standard (LAS) File(s)
Depth Range Log Curves Available Log Count Download View this
Start Stop SP GR OHM-M DT RHOB NPHI PE TH U K GR NEUT this log log header
200 3959 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO LAS File LAS Header

Geologist (cuttings and core descriptions) Report ASCII Text File
Depth Range View the
Start Stop georeport
2154 3950

Tops Data
Top Base Name Rank System Subsystem Series Source
2326   Heebner Shale MEMBER Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Upper PG
2520   Lansing GROUP Carboniferous Pennsylvanian Upper PG
3268   Mississippian SUBSYSTEM Carboniferous Mississippian   PG
3518   Kinderhookian STAGE Carboniferous Mississippian Lower PG
3519   B MISS BED Carboniferous Mississippian   PG
3618   Hunton GROUP Devonian     PG
3662   Maquoketa (Sylvan) Shale FORMATION Ordovician   Upper PG
3734   Viola Limestone FORMATION Ordovician   Middle PG
3763   Simpson GROUP Ordovician   Middle PG
3838   Arbuckle GROUP Ordovician   Lower PG