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F & S Oil

F. G. Holl Company L.L.C.

F.E.W. Oil Co.

Fadely, Dale Leon

Fair Banks Enterprises

Fairway Petroleum, Inc.

Faith Petroleum, Inc.

Falcon Exploration, Inc.

Falkin, Richard T.

Fall River Exploration LLC

Farmer Dog Oil Co., a General Partnership

Farmer, John O., Inc.

Farris Oil, Inc.

Farris Well Service

Farris, Bill (deceased)

Fastrak Energy, LLC

Faulconer, Vernon E., Inc.

Fe Co.

Ferguson & Wallace, a General Partnership

Ferguson, Kent L. & Evelyn, General Partnership

Fidelity Energy, Inc.

Fina Oil and Chemical Company

Finley Resources Inc.

Finney Oil Company

First National Oil, Inc.

Fisher, Reginald D.

Fisk Oil, Inc.

fitzpatrick Oil Co.

Fitzpatrick, Jay J., Jr. Estate

Five Star Energy, Inc.

Flatirons Resources LLC

Flint Hills Production Co., Inc.

Flintstone Energy, LLC

Florine, Inc.

Flowers Production Co., Inc.

Floyd Oil & Gas Corporation

Flynn, Buster D.(deceased)

Folk Oil

Folk, Darrin J.

Forbes, Patrick T.

Foreman Enterprises, Inc.

Forestar Petroleum Corporation

Fort Scott Methane Partners, LCC

Fossil Operating, LLC

Foster Oil & Gas

Foundation Energy Management, LLC

Four Corners Oil, LLC

Four Star Oil & Gas Company

Four-Way Operating, Inc.

FourWinds Oil Corporation

Fox, Warren F. Family Trust

FPCO Oil & Gas Co.

Frank Weber


Fritzler Resources, Inc.

Froelich Oil

Fuel Source Inc.

Funk Oil & Operating, LLC

Future Acquisition Company LLC

Fyler Oil, LLC

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