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P & B Oil Co.

P & R Oilfield Services

P J Oil Co.

P.O.&G. Operating, LLC

Packard Energy LLC

Packard, Lynn

Pada Petroleum, Inc.

Padgett Oil Inc.

Palmer Oil, Inc.

Palomino Petroleum, Inc.

Panaco, Inc.

Par Petroleum, Inc.

Par, Inc.

Parwest Land Exploration, Inc.

Patrick Development Corporation

Patriot Oil, LLC

Patterson Operations LLC

Patterson, Robert J. Revocable Trust

Patteson Oil

Patteson, Thomas Wade

Patty Creek Oil LLC

Paul Bowman Oil Trust

Paul's Oilfield Service

Pauley Oil

PDC Energy, Inc.

Peak Energy, LLC

Peak Oil

Peak Oil Company LLC

Peewe Oil Co.

Pelican Hill Oil & Gas, Inc.

Pemco, LLC

Pennmark Resources Company

PennzEnergy Exploration & Production LLC

Peoples Oil, LLC

Perkins Oil Enterprises, Inc.

Permian Reef, LLC

Peterson Oil LLC

Petex, Inc.

Petrie Exploration Company, Inc.

Petro Energies, Inc.

Petro Locators, Inc.

Petro River Operating, LLC


Petrol Oil & Gas, Inc.

Petroleum Inc

Petroleum Production Corporation

Petroleum Production Management, Inc.

Petroleum Property Services, Inc.

Petroleum Resource Management Company

Petroleum Technologies, Inc.

PetroSantander (USA) Inc.

Pfeifer Explorations, LLC

Pharyn Resources, LLC

Phil Groves Oil

Phillips Exploration Company L.C.

Phillips Oil Properties Inc.

Phillips Petroleum Co.

Philpott Oil & Gas Co Inc

Pickrell Drilling Company, Inc.

Pike Oil & Gas, Inc.

Pintail Petroleum, Ltd.

Pioneer Exploration, LLC

Pioneer Feedyard, LLC

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.

Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.

Pioneer Oil Co.

Pioneer Oil Company, Inc.

Pioneer Resources

Pipeline Oil & Gas, LLC

Piqua Petro, Inc.

Pitman, John Douglas Revocable Trust

Place, Steve


Plains Petroleum Operating Company

Plano Petroleum Corporation

Platte Valley Oil Co., Inc.

Poe Servicing Inc

Polaris Energy, Inc.

Pollok Energy, LLC

Ponderosa Witching, LLC

Poor Boy Corporation

Popp Operating, Inc.

Post & Mastin Well Service, Inc.

PostRock Midcontinent Production LLC

Potato Creek, L.L.C.

Poverty Knob Production, LLC

Powell, Noah (Buck)

Prairie Energy LC

Prairie Fire Petroleum, LLC

Prairie Methane Gas Producers LLC

Prairie Oil, LLC

Prater Oil & Gas Operations, Inc.

Pratt Well Service, Inc.

Premier Oil & Exploration Inc

Premier Petroleum, Inc.

Presco Western LLC

Pretz, Pauline Trust


Pride Energy Company, a General Partnership

Primal Energy O&G, LLC

Prime Operating Company

Primexx Operating Corporation

Princ, Frank

Priority Oil & Gas LLC

Production Drilling, Inc.

Production Maintenance Service

Prolific Resources LLC

Prospect Oil & Gas Corp

Prospective Inv. & Trading Co., Ltd., The

Protege Energy LLC

Prothe, Dale E. or Linda L., a General Partnership

Pryor, Victor W., Jr.

Ptarmigan Inc

Pyle Petroleum, Inc.

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