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R & B Oil & Gas, Inc.

R & D Oil, LLC

R & E Oil Co., Inc.

R & J Oil Co.

R & R Partners

R & W Energies, a General Partnership

R & W Energies-Agency Account

R J Operating Co.

R. & J. Oil Co.

R. C. Taylor Operating Company LLC

R. D. Energy, Inc.

R. D. Finnesy Oil

R. P. Nixon Operations, Inc

R.C.Taylor Companies, Inc.

R.H.S. Oil Company

R.T. Enterprises of Kansas, Inc.

Rader Oil Company

Rains & Williamson Oil Co., Inc.

Raker Resources LLC

Rakestraw Bros., L.L.C

Ram Petroleum Corporation

Rama Operating Co., Inc.

Randi Oil Co.

Randon Production Company Inc.

Randy J Walker Oil Company

Ranes, Jerry J., a General Partnership

Raney Oil Company, LLC

Range Oil Company, Inc.

Rankin, Lennes

Rapid Well Service, Inc.

Ratex Corporation

Raven Resources LLC

Raw Energy Corporation of Kansas

Raydon Exploration, Inc.

Raygary Oil Co.

Raymond Oil Company, Inc.


Red Buck Oil Co

Red Cedar Oil, LLC

Red Cloud Exploration Operating LLC

Red Hills Resources, Inc.

Red Oak Energy, Inc.

Red Point Oil

Redboot Production, Inc

Reddig Enterprises Inc.

Redland Resources, LLC

Redstone Oil & Gas Company

Redtail Investments LLC

Reed, George A.

Reef Exploration Corporation

Regency Field Services LLC

Regency Midcon Gas LLC

REH Oil and Gas LLC

Reichlinger Business Services

Reilly Oil Company, Inc.

Relative Energy, Inc.

Reliance Oil, LLC

Remco Energy Corporation

Renegade Oil Co., a General Partnership

Renegade Resources Corp.

Renick Energy, L.C.

Resource Operations, Inc.

Resources & Investment Co.

Resources Investment Corporation

Ressler Well Service, Inc.

Reusch Well Service, Inc.

RF Hembree Oil, LLC

RGN Company, Inc.

Rhodes Well Service

Rice Engineering Corporation

Rice Production Company

Richardson and Son , Inc.

Richardson Developments

Richardson Oil

Richardson Oil Operating

Richlan Drilling, a General Partnership

Richland Oil Investments, LLC

Rick's Well Service

Rick's Well Service

Rickerson, Russell

Rierson Energy, LLC

Rierson, Joe

Rig 6 Drilling Co., Inc.

Riley Resources, Inc .

Rincon Oil & Gas LLC

Rine Drillingand Exploration, Inc.

Ring Energy, Inc.

Ringneck Resources, LLC

Ritchie Exploration, Inc.

Rivendell Farms, Inc.

River Rock Operating, LLC

RJ Energy, LLC

RJM Company

RL Investment, LLC

RL Oil & Gas, LLC

RME Petroleum Company

RMR Operating, LLC

Roadrunner Energy, Inc.

Robert Hopkins

Robert P. Wilson, Inc.

Robert S. Harwell, Inc.

Roberts and Murphy, Inc.

Roberts Resources, Inc.

Roberts, Denis F.

Roberts, Lelia M (deceased)

Roberts, Randy

Robinette Oil Company LLC

Robinowitz Oil Company, a General Partnership

Robl-Six, Inc.

Robuck Petroleum., LLC

Rock Creek Crude, LLC

Rock Creek Oil, LLC

Rock Creek Resources, a General Partnership

Rock Creek Resources, LLC

Rock Petroleum LLC

Rockin "A" Oil

Rockin Bar Nothin Ranch, Inc.

Rockin G. Energy, LLC

Rocky Road Oil Company

Rodriguez, Everado

Roger Jost Revocable Trust

Rolling Meadows Oil & Gas Development, LLC

Rome Oil, LLC

Ron's Oil Operations Inc

Ron-Bob Oil LLC

Ronald Russ Prater, Inc.

Rosewood Resources, Inc.

Ross Operating

Rourk, Delma M.(deceased)

Roxanna Pipeline, Inc.

Royal Drilling Inc

Ruda Exploration Inc

Rude Crude

Running Foxes Petroleum Inc.

Rupe Oil Company, Inc.

Rupp, C. F. - Disposal

Rush, Terry L.

Russell Gas Co., LLC

Russell Oil, Inc.

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