Primary publication(s) for Saline County

Maps--M Series 123--Surficial geology of Saline County, Kansas; text and geologic-unit descriptions by C.M. Phillips-Lander and R.S. Sawin; cross section geology by R.S. Sawin
by J. R. McCauley , C. M. Phillips-Lander , R. S. Sawin
1 p., 2011, $15.00
Map Info: 59 x 40 inches, scale 1:50,000
Full Version available online

Additional publication(s) for Saline County

Bulletin 67--Kansas Clay, Dakota Formation
by N. V. Plummer , J. F. Romary
241 p., 1947, $10.00
Bulletin 142 (1)--Dakota Formation Refractory Clays and Silts in Kansas
by N. V. Plummer , M. P. Bauleke , W. P. Hladik
52 p., 1960, $2.50
Chemical Quality 9--Discharge of Saltwater from Permian Rocks to Major Stream-aquifer Systems in Central Kansas
by A. J. Gogel
60 p., 1981, $10.00, Includes 4 plates.
Full Version available online
Geology 2--Potential Uranium Host Rocks and Structures in the Central Great Plains
by E. J. Zeller , G. A. M. Dreschhoff , E. A. Angino , K. A. Holdoway , W. C. Hakes , G. Jayaprakash , K. Crisler
64 p., 1976, $10.00
Full Version available online
Oil and Gas Investigations 8--Cross Section. Subsurface Geologic Cross Section from Barber County to Saline County, Kansas
by W. Lee
p., 1953, $2.50, Out-of-print, but blueline copies are available.



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