Primary publication(s) for Wilson County

Guidebook 97 (61)--Fall Field Trip in Greenwood, Woodson and Wilson Counties, Southeast Kansas
by P. Berendsen , M. Morales , S. Barlow
19 p., 1997, $1.90, Kansas Academy of Science Multidisciplinary Guidebook 10
Maps--M Series 51--Geologic Map of Wilson County, Kansas
by H. G. Wagner
1 p., 1998, $15.00
Map Info: 34 x 39 1/2 inches; Scale: 1:50,000
Full Version available online

Additional publication(s) for Wilson County

Bulletin 96 (7)--Amenability of Certain Kansas Clays to Alumina Extraction by the Lime-sinter Process
by E. D. Kinney
61 p., 1952, $2.50
Bulletin 104--Oil and Gas in Eastern Kansas
by J. M. Jewett
397 p., 1954, $10.00, With a 25 year update by M. O. Oros, 1979, 30 p. Bulletin reprinted in 1985
Bulletin 170 (1)--Archaeolithophyllum, an Abundant Calcareous Alga in Limestones of the Lansing Group (Pennsylvanian), Southeastern Kansas
by J. L. Wray
13 p., 1964, $2.50
Full Version available online
Bulletin 237--Geophysical Atlas of Selected Oil and Gas Fields in Kansas
by N. L. Anderson , D. E. Hedke, eds.
164 p., 1995, $80.00
Full Version available online
Bulletin 240--Current Research in Earth Sciences
by L. Brosius, tech. ed.
62 p., 1997, $10.00
Full Version available online
Geology 5--Stratigraphy, Petrology, and Depositional Environment of Sandstones in the Rock Lake Shale Member of the Stanton Formation (Missourian Stage, Upper Pennsylvanian) in Southeastern Kansas
by R. Moussavi-Harami
44 p., 1989, $10.00
Full Version available online
Guidebook 4--Guidebook--Pennsylvanian Cyclic Platform Deposits of Kansas and Nebraska
by P. H. Heckel , L. L. Brady , W. J. Ebanks, Jr. , R. K. Pabian
79 p., 1979, $10.00
Full Version available online
Guidebook 88 (49)--Guidebook, Cretaceous Lamproites of the Silver City and Rose Domes, Woodson and Wilson Counties, Kansas
by P. Berendsen , R. Knapp
41 p., 1988, $4.10, Prepared as the GSA South-central Section field trip no. 2.
Guidebook 92 (22)--Fall Field Trip to the Natural Areas of Southeast Kansas
91 p., 1992, $9.10, Prepared by the Department of Biology, Pittsburg State University (Kansas Academy of Science, Multidisciplinary Guidebook 5).
Mineral Resources 5--An Evaluation of the Strippable Coal Reserves in Kansas
by L. L. Brady , D. B. Adams , N. D. Livingston
46 p., 1977, $10.00
Full Version available online
Oil and Gas Investigations 21--Underground Storage of Natural Gas in Kansas
by J. M. Jewett , E. D. Goebel
18 p., 1960, $2.50
Special-Distribution Publications 52--Towns and Minerals in Southeastern Kansas, a Study of Regional Industrialization, 1890-1930
by J. G. Clark
148 p., 1970, $3.00
Subsurface Geology 14--Interpretive Subcrop Map of the Precambrian Basement in the Joplin 10 X 20 Quadrangle
by P. Berendsen , K. P. Blair
10 p., 1991, $20.00



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