Primary publication(s) for Comanche County

Maps--M Series 94--Geologic Map of Comanche County, Kansas
by J. R. McCauley
1 p., 2001, $15.00
Map Info: 43 x 35 inches; Scale: 1:50,000
Abstract available online

Additional publication(s) for Comanche County

Petrophysical 5--Lithofacies Analysis of the Simpson Group in South-central Kansas
by J. H. Doveton , R. R. Charpentier , E. P. Metzger
34 p., 1990, $10.00
Full Version available online
Special-Distribution Publications 60--Supplemental Areas for Storage of Radioactive Wastes in Kansas
by C. K. Bayne
20 p., 1972, $3.00, Contains 15 plates.
Subsurface Geology 6--Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Economically Important Rock Strata in Kansas
by W. L. Watney , A. W. Walton , J. H. Doveton, compilers
176 p., 1985, $10.00, Contains 3 sheets.
Full Version available online



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