Primary publication(s) for Doniphan County

Hydrologic Atlases 462--Geohydrology of Doniphan County, Northeastern Kansas
by C. K. Bayne
p., 1973, $7.00
Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey

Additional publication(s) for Doniphan County

Bulletin 104--Oil and Gas in Eastern Kansas
by J. M. Jewett
397 p., 1954, $10.00, With a 25 year update by M. O. Oros, 1979, 30 p. Bulletin reprinted in 1985
Bulletin 119 (6)--Petrology of the Nodaway Underclay (Pennsylvanian), Kansas
by N. J. McMillan
62 p., 1956, $2.50
Full Version available online
Bulletin 134 (4)--Germanium in Kansas Coals
by J. A. Schleicher
19 p., 1959, $2.50
Full Version available online
Bulletin 180 (1)--Compositional Variance in the Plattsmouth Limestone Member (Pennsylvanian) in Kansas
by O. K. Galle , W. N. Waugh
9 p., 1966, $2.50
Full Version available online
Bulletin 229--Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of Glacial Deposits in Northeastern Kansas
by J. E. Denne , R. E. Miller , L. R. Hathaway , H. G. O'Connor , W. C. Johnson
127 p., 1998, $25.00
Abstract available online
Ground Water 5--An Integrated Approach for Locating Glacial Buried Valleys
by J. E. Denne , D. W. Steeples , M. A. Sophocleous , A. F. Severini , J. R. Lucas
22 p., 1982, $10.00
Full Version available online
Mineral Resources 5--An Evaluation of the Strippable Coal Reserves in Kansas
by L. L. Brady , D. B. Adams , N. D. Livingston
46 p., 1977, $10.00
Special-Distribution Publications 53--Pleistocene Stratigraphy of Missouri River Valley along the Kansas-Missouri Border
by C. K. Bayne , H. G. O'Connor , S. N. Davis , W. B. Howe
32 p., 1971, $3.00



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