Primary publication(s) for Douglas County

Guidebook 92 (29)--Douglas County/Johnson County Field Trip for the Kansas Association of Earth Science Teachers
by R. C. Buchanan , J. R. McCauley
49 p., 1992, $4.90
Maps--M Series 26--Geologic Map of Douglas County, Kansas
by H. G. O'Connor
1 p., 1992, $15.00
Map Info: 33 x 31 inches; Scale: 1:50,000
Full Version available online

Additional publication(s) for Douglas County

Bulletin 104--Oil and Gas in Eastern Kansas
by J. M. Jewett
397 p., 1954, $10.00, With a 25 year update by M. O. Oros, 1979, 30 p. Bulletin reprinted in 1985
Bulletin 109 (7)--Electrical Resistivity Studies in the Kansas River Valley
by D. F. Merriam
16 p., 1954, $2.50
Bulletin 130 (1)--Quaternary Geology and Ground-water Resources of Kansas River Valley between Bonner Springs and Lawrence, Kansas
by A. E. Dufford
96 p., 1958, $2.50
Full Version available online
Bulletin 134 (3)--Sandstones of the Douglas and Pedee Groups in Northeastern Kansas
by D. T. Sanders
18 p., 1959, $2.50,
Full Version available online
Bulletin 134 (4)--Germanium in Kansas Coals
by J. A. Schleicher
19 p., 1959, $2.50
Full Version available online
Bulletin 135--Geology and Ground-water Resources of Kansas River Valley between Wamego and Topeka Vicinity
by H. V. Beck
88 p., 1959, $10.00
Bulletin 157 (5)--Some Bryozoans from the Beil Limestone Member of the Lecompton Limestone (Virgilian) of Kansas
by R. D. Perkins , T. G. Perry , D. E. Hattin
25 p., 1962, $2.50
Full Version available online
Bulletin 229--Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of Glacial Deposits in Northeastern Kansas
by J. E. Denne , R. E. Miller , L. R. Hathaway , H. G. O'Connor , W. C. Johnson
127 p., 1998, $25.00
Abstract available online
Full Version available online
Bulletin 254--Current Research in Earth Sciences, 2008
p., 2008, no charge, Online only. Two papers. 1--Channels Ran Through It--The Lawrence Formation at Lone Star Lake, Douglas County, Kansas, by Enos, Jefferson, and Goetz. 2--Clarification and Changes in Permian Stratigraphic Nomenclature in Kansas, by Sawin, Franseen, West, Ludvigson, and Watney
Full Version available online
Full Version available online
Guidebook 4--Guidebook--Pennsylvanian Cyclic Platform Deposits of Kansas and Nebraska
by P. H. Heckel , L. L. Brady , W. J. Ebanks, Jr. , R. K. Pabian
79 p., 1979, $10.00
Full Version available online
Guidebook 92 (7)--Field Trip Guidebook of Upper Pennsylvanian (Virgilian and Missourian) Paleosols in Eastern Kansas
32 p., 1992, $3.20, Prepared by the Kansas Geological Survey (field trip held in conjunction with Paleosols Short Course, March 20-21, Department of Geology, University of Kansas).
Maps--M Series 14--Geologic Map of the Lawrence West, Kansas 7.5-minute Quadrangle
by T. J. McClain
p., 1979, $10.00
Map Info: 27 x 27 inches; Scale: 1:24,000
Maps--M Series 70--Clinton Lake Map with lake-bottom topography
1 p., 1999, $15.00, Printed on water-resistant paper.
Map Info: 17 1/2 x 22 inches; Scale: 1:36,000
Abstract available online
Mineral Resources 5--An Evaluation of the Strippable Coal Reserves in Kansas
by L. L. Brady , D. B. Adams , N. D. Livingston
46 p., 1977, $10.00
Full Version available online
Special-Distribution Publications 27--Application of Factor Analysis to a Facies Study of the Leavenworth Limestone Member (Pennsylvanian-Virgilian) of Kansas and Environs
by D. F. Toomey
28 p., 1966, $3.00



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