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Publication(s) for Great Bend prairie

Bulletin 235--Current Research on Kansas Geology, Summer, 1993
by M. S. Braverman, tech. ed.
76 p., 1993, $10.00
Full Version available online
Chemical Quality 7--Chemical Quality of Irrigation Waters in Ford County and the Great Bend Prairie of Kansas
by L. R. Hathaway , O. K. Galle , T. C. Waugh , H. P. Dickey
41 p., 1978, $10.00
Full Version available online
Irrigation 4--Geohydrology of the Great Bend Prairie, South-central Kansas
by S. W. Fader , L. E. Stullken
19 p., 1978, $10.00, Contains 5 plates.
Full Version available online

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