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Publication(s) for High Plains

Bulletin 236--Holocene Landscape Evolution in the Pawnee River Valley, Southwestern Kansas
by R. D. Mandel
117 p., 1994, $10.00
Abstract available online
Full Version available online
Educational Series 14--An Atlas of the High Plains Aquifer
by Jeffrey A. Schloss , Robert W. Buddemeier , Wilson, B. B.
92 p., 2000, $15.00, Contains 22 page-size maps.
Full Version available online
Ground Water 7--Optimization of the High Plains Aquifer Observation Network, Kansas
by R. A. Olea
73 p., 1982, $10.00, Includes 5 plates.
Full Version available online
Guidebook 3--Guidebook--Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Western Kansas
by D. E. Hattin , C. T. Siemers
60 p., 1978, $10.00, Reprinted with modifications, 1987.
Full Version available online

Publication(s) for High Plains--Humboldt fault

Bulletin 226--Geophysics in Kansas
by D. W. Steeples, ed.
316 p., 1989, $25.00, Contains 2 sheets.
Full Version available online

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