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Publication(s) for fossils

Brochures 1--Fossil Collecting in Kansas
by Kansas Geological Survey
p., , no charge, No charge for single copies, 10" each for multiple copies.
Educational Series 1--Ancient Life Found in Kansas Rocks (Common Fossils of Kansas)
by R. B. Williams
44 p., 1975, $5.00
Full Version available online
Educational Series 6--From Sea to Prairie--A Primer of Kansas Geology
by C. S. Evans
60 p., 1988, $5.00
Full Version available online
Educational Series 15--A Kansan's Guide to Science
by P. Cartwright , R. L. Kaesler , B. S. Lieberman , A. L. Melott
20 p., 2001, $7.50
Full Version available online
Other Publications 6--Kansas Geology--An Introduction to Landscapes, Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils
by R. C. Buchanan, ed.
239 p., 2010, $19.95, Revised and reprinted
Publisher: University Press of Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
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