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Publication(s) for natural gas

Bulletin 104--Oil and Gas in Eastern Kansas
by J. M. Jewett
397 p., 1954, $10.00, With a 25 year update by M. O. Oros, 1979, 30 p. Bulletin reprinted in 1985
Bulletin 162--The Geologic History of Kansas
by D. F. Merriam
317 p., 1963, $10.00
Full Version available online
Oil and Gas Investigations 21--Underground Storage of Natural Gas in Kansas
by J. M. Jewett , E. D. Goebel
18 p., 1960, $2.50
Oil and Gas Investigations 27--Possibilities for Underground Storage of Natural Gas near the Kansas River Valley
by E. D. Goebel , J. M. Jewett
10 p., 1962, $2.50

Kansas Geological Survey
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