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Publication(s) for reservoir(s)

Bulletin 239--Perspectives on Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Kansas
by M. Sophocleous, ed.
239 p., 1998, $25.00
Abstract available online

Publication(s) for reservoir(s)--Cedar Bluff Reservoir

Bulletin 149--Geology and Ground-water Resources of Southern Ellis County and Parts of Trego and Rush Counties, Kansas
by A. R. Leonard , D. W. Berry
156 p., 1961, $10.00
Full Version available online
Bulletin 174--Geology and Ground-water Resources of Trego County, Kansas
by W. G. Hodson
80 p., 1965, $10.00, Includes 2 plates.
Full Version available online
Chemical Quality 1--Changes in Chemical Quality of Water, Cedar Bluff Irrigation District Area, West-central Kansas
by R. B. Leonard
72 p., 1975, $10.00, Includes 3 plates.
Abstract available online

Publication(s) for reservoir(s)--Tuttle Creek Reservoir

Bulletin 211 (1)--Pleistocene Drainage Reversal in the Upper Tuttle Creek Reservoir Area of Kansas
by J. R. Chelikowsky
10 p., 1976, $2.50
Full Version available online

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