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Publication(s) for spatial analysis

Spatial Analysis 2--Optimum Mapping Techniques Using Regionalized Variable Theory
by R. A. Olea
137 p., 1975, $10.00
Spatial Analysis 4--Surface-modeling Techniques
by J. C. Tipper
108 p., 1979, $10.00
Spatial Analysis 5--Northern Part of the Wakarusa Quadrangle, Kansas, Atlas
by J. B. Campbell, Jr. , J. C. Davis , Experimental Cartography Unit, London, England
29 p., 1979, $10.00
Spatial Analysis 6--Time-and Space-dependent Data in the Earth Sciences--A Codata-Cogeodata Survey
by J. A. DeGraffenreid
40 p., 1982, $10.00
Spatial Analysis 7--Systematic Sampling of Spatial Functions
by R. A. Olea
57 p., 1984, $10.00
Subsurface Geology 9--Stratigraphic and Spatial Distribution of Oil and Gas Production in Kansas
by K. D. Newell , W. L. Watney , S. Cheng , R. Brownrigg
90 p., 1987, $15.00
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