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Publication(s) for waste disposal

Bulletin 208--Using Soils of Kansas for Waste Disposal
by G. W. Olson
51 p., 1974, $10.00, Contains 1 plate.
Full Version available online
Maps--M Series 13--General Suitability of Kansas Soils and Geology for Receiving Solid Waste
by R. M. Young , H. P. Dickey , F. W. Wilson
1 p., 1979, $12.50
Map Info: 55 1/2 x 34 inches; Scale: 1:500,000
Special-Distribution Publications 60--Supplemental Areas for Storage of Radioactive Wastes in Kansas
by C. K. Bayne
20 p., 1972, $3.00, Contains 15 plates.

Kansas Geological Survey
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