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A & H Drilling (not active)

A & S Water Well (not active)

A-1 Water Well Service Co., Inc. (active)

A-Plus Plumbing & Well Service (not active)

A1's H2O Service and Repair (active)

AAA Drilling and Testing (not active)

AAA Water Drilling (not active)

ABC Drilling, Inc. (not active)

ABC Water Well Service (not active)

Able Environmental Drilling, LLC (active)

Abraham Well Serv. (not active)

Abraham Well Serv. (not active)

J. Abraham, J. Plummer, Brown (not active)

Accelerated Remediation Technologies (not active)

Accurate Drilling Services Inc. (not active)

Ace Drilling LLC (active)

Ace-Hi International, Inc. (not active)

O.B. Adams Drilling Co. (not active)

Adams Electric and Plumbing (not active)

Adams Electric (active)

Adam's Electric and Plumbing, LLC (not active)

Adams Electric and Plumbing, Inc. (not active)

Agricultural Engineering Assoc. (not active)

Agricultural Engineering Assoc. (active)

Agricultural Engineering Assoc. (not active)

Air, Soil, Water and Associates (not active)

Air Cap Drlg. (not active)

Alexander Pump and Services, Inc. (active)

Alexander Pump & Services, Inc. (active)

Alfs Implement & Well Drlg. Co. (not active)

Alfs Implement & Well Drlg Co. (not active)

Allen & Rawlins Drlg Co. (not active)

Alliance Pump and Mech. Services, Inc. (active)

Gary Allred Tire & Brake Service (not active)

All Wells Drilling, LLC (not active)

Alpine Remediation, Inc. (active)

Anderson Engineering, Inc. (active)

Andy Anderson Drilling (not active)

Apogee Environmental (not active)

Aqua Pump LLC (active)

Aqua Pump (active)

Aqua Well Drilling (not active)

SCS Engineers (active)

Ark Valley Pump and Supply (active)

Robert Arnold Water Well Drlg (not active)

ARS Technologies, Inc. (active)

Jerry N. Ashford Water Well Service (not active)

Ashland Well Serv., Inc. (not active)

Ashland Auto Supply & Well (not active)

Associated Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Associated Drilling, Inc. (active)

Associated Environmental, Inc. (active)

Associated Environmental Industries Corp. (active)

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