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B's Pump and Well Service (not active)

B & B Drilling (active)

B & J Well Drilling (not active)

B-S Well Drilling (not active)

Backhus Well Drilling, LLC (active)

Backhus Drilling (active)

Donald E. Bailey Drilling Co. (not active)

B and H Construction (not active)

B and H Construction (not active)

Barker, Lemar, and Assoc., Inc. (not active)

Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants (not active)

Bartel Well Drilling, Inc. (active)

Bartell Drilling & Machine Works (not active)

Bartell Drilling (active)

Basgall Geothermal Drilling (active)

BDAT Environmental, Inc (not active)

Otis Bearden, Wayne Bearden (not active)

Bearden Pump and Well (active)

Bearden Pump & Well Service (active)

H.A. Bearley Drilling (not active)

Fayne Beattie Water Well Service (not active)

Below Ground Surface, Inc. (active)

Paul W. Benda Drilling (not active)

Benda Water Well Drilling (not active)

Alfred Benesch and Co. (not active)

Bentley Environmental Eng (not active)

Berentz Drlg Co., Inc. (not active)

A.J. Berndt Water Wells (not active)

Wade H. Berryman Drilling Company (not active)

Beverly Water Well Serv. (not active)

Bill's Water Well Drlg (not active)

Bill's Water Well Drilling (active)

Bingham Resources, Inc. (not active)

Blackjack Drlg, Inc. (not active)

Hazen P. Bledsoe Drilling Company (not active)

John A. Bledsoe Drilling Co. (not active)

Hazen P. Bledsoe 11 Service Co. (not active)

Blue Jay Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Blue Valley Drilling, Inc. (active)

Blue Valley Drilling (not active)

Blue Valley Drilling, LLC (not active)

Boart Longyear Company (not active)

Boart Longyear (not active)

Boessen Underground Construction, Inc. (not active)

Booth Heating & Air (not active)

Darrell D. Bothwell Well Drilling (not active)

Richard D. Braddy Water Wells (not active)

Obe Brant (not active)

Paul E. Brassfield Water Well Drlg & Supp. (not active)

Brau Drlg Co., Inc. (not active)

Brenn Pump & Supply (active)

Raphael Breuer, Inc. (not active)

Brotcke Well and Pump, Inc. (active)

John Brown & Co. (not active)

Brown Enviro-Control, Inc. (not active)

Warren Bruner Drilling Company (not active)

Hank Bruse Water Well Service (not active)

Buck's Water Well Drlg. (not active)

Frank Budde Well Drilling (not active)

L.C. Burkett Drilling (not active)

Burkett Drilling (not active)

Burr Oak Plumbing & Lumber (not active)

Dallas Boeken & Burrows Water Well Co. (not active)

Burton Well Drilling, Inc. (active)

Richard F. Burton Water Well Drilling (not active)

Bushell Water Well Service (active)

Louis Bushell Water Well Drlg & Service (not active)

Bushell Water Well Service (not active)

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