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C & C Water Well Drlg. (not active)

C and C Loop Drilling (not active)

C.J. Drilling Co. (not active)

C.O. Water Well Drlg (not active)

Ralph A. Cadwallader Enterprises (not active)

Cahoy Pump Service, Inc. (active)

Cahoy Pump Service (active)

Kenneth Callier Water Well Service (not active)

Can-American Drilling, Inc. (active)

Cannon Drilling Co. (active)

Bernard E. Carlile Water Well Service, Inc. (not active)

Glenn L. Carlson Core Drilling Company (not active)

Carmel Well Drillers (active)

Cascade Drilling (active)

Central Kansas Drilling (active)

Glen Chase Drilling (active)

Rick Chase Water Well Drilling (not active)

Chase Drilling (active)

Cherokee Drlg (not active)

Cherokee America Drilling (not active)

Robert F. Christian Well Drilling (not active)

Cimarron Irrigation, Inc. (not active)

Michael Cooley, City Wide Well Service (not active)

Charles A. Clark (not active)

Kyle Clark (active)

Clarke Well and Equipment Co. (not active)

Clarke Well and Equipment, Inc. (active)

Clarke Well and Equipment Inc. (not active)

Clarke Well and Equipment Co. (not active)

Clear Water Drlg Co. (not active)

Noel E. Clemens Irrigation Drlg., Inc. (not active)

Cline Drilling (active)

Cline Drilling (not active)

Jack Cline Drilling Co. (not active)

Clint's Rotary Drilling Company, Inc. (not active)

CLT Inc. (not active)

CM Drilling (not active)

Ranney Collector Wells (not active)

Neal Combs Engineering (not active)

Conestoga-Rovers Assoc. (active)

Continental Technologies, Inc. (active)

Contract Dewatering Services, Inc. (not active)

Contract Dewatering Serv. (not active)

Contract Exploration Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Rodney Cook Water Well Drilling (not active)

Coranco Great Plains, Inc. (active)

Stephen E. Corder Pump & Well (not active)

Elmer Corder (not active)

Cornerstone Testing & Engineering (not active)

Wilma Coulter, Coulters (not active)

Country Water (not active)

Raymond F. Coupal (not active)

Daryl Cox & Sons, Inc. (not active)

Geo Cox & Sons, Inc. (not active)

Cox-Beswick Irrigation Service, Inc. (not active)

Crabtree Well Service (not active)

Merle Cragg Water Well Drlg (not active)

Fred Craig Water Well Service (not active)

Ray Cramer Drilling Co. (not active)

Carlos Crane (not active)

Crescent Services (not active)

Crescent Services (active)

Larry Criswell Service Co. (not active)

Crow's Water Well Drilling (not active)

Crowdis Water Well Service (active)

Crowdis Water Well Service, LLC (active)

CTI and Associates, Inc. (not active)

Cullum and Brown, Inc. (not active)

Theodore Cummings Drilling Co. (not active)

Charles Cummings Well Service (not active)

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