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G & G Dozer Service (not active)

G & S Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Gallentine Well Service (not active)

Gene's Water Well Serv. (not active)

Geo Systems Engineering, Inc. (not active)

GeoCore, Inc. (active)

Geoprobe Systems (active)

Geotechnology, Inc. (active)

Leonard L. Gepner Drilling Co. (not active)

Dennis Gibbons Well Drilling (not active)

Giles Environmental Services, Inc. (active)

R. S. Glaze Drilling Co. (not active)

R.S. Glaze Drilling (not active)

A.G. Glaze Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

R.S. Glaze Drilling (not active)

Glaze Drilling (not active)

GM Tree Farms (not active)

Jack Goodman Water Well Drilling (not active)

Gottschalk Water Well Drilling (active)

Larry W. Graham (active)

Grand Royal Drilling (not active)

Greenrock, Inc. (active)

Greene Enterprises (not active)

Max Grier (not active)

Griffin Dewatering Corporation (not active)

Griffin Dewatering North Central, LLC (active)

Grogan Ebberts Drilling (not active)

Grosch lrrigation Co., Inc. (active)

K.C. Gross Drilling Co. (not active)

Ground Source (not active)

Ground Source Systems, Inc. (not active)

Groundwater Technology (not active)

GSI Engineering, LLC (active)

GSPF Irrigation Service (active)

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