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M & D Well Service (active)

Martin Water Well Drilling (not active)

Martin Supply (not active)

Martin's Well Service (active)

Marty B Drilling (not active)

Maruhn Well Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Maruhn Well Drlg., Inc. (not active)

Mateco Drilling Co. (not active)

Mateco Drilling Co. (active)

Maxim Tech./Kansas City (not active)

Maximum/Kansas City Testing (not active)

Max's Enterprise (not active)

Max's Enterprises, Inc. (not active)

Maxwell Drilling (not active)

McClelland Services (not active)

Orville R. McCune Water Well Drilling (not active)

Dwight K. McFarlane Well Drlg (not active)

Billy J. McLean Drilling Company (not active)

McLean's CP Installation (active)

Glenn E. McMillan Water Well Drilling (not active)

John L. McMurtray Pump and Well (not active)

McNee Drilling & Metals (active)

John A. McNemee Well Drlg (not active)

Billy McPherson Drilling Co. (not active)

Billy McPherson Driling Company (not active)

McPherson Drlg. Co. (active)

Sondra Meeds Drilling (not active)

Mel's Pump & Plumbing, Inc. (active)

Mel's Pump and Plumbing (not active)

Mersino Dewatering, Inc., (active)

Cecil G. Metcalf Drilling Company (not active)

Dennis Metz Water Well Service (not active)

Ralph S. Metzger Well Digger Drilling (not active)

Meyer Well Drilling (active)

Van Michael (not active)

Mid Kansas Water Well Services LLC (not active)

Midwest Well & Pump (not active)

Midwest Geothermal (not active)

Midwest Hydro Drilling & Service, Inc. (active)

Midwest Well & Pump, Inc. (active)

Mike's Pump and Well Service (not active)

MIKON Corporation (not active)

Milco Environmental Services, Inc. (active)

Miller Water Well Drilling (not active)

Joseph M. Miller Water Well Service (not active)

Ezra Miller Water Well Service (not active)

Miller Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Everett Miller Gearhead & Pump Repair (not active)

Miller Drilling (active)

Minter-Wilson Drlg. Co., Inc. (not active)

Mohawk Drilling, Inc. (active)

Delbert Moore Drilling Company (not active)

Boyd Moore Construction (not active)

Moretrench American (not active)

Moretrench Amer. Corp. Inc (not active)

Crescent Services (active)

William Moritz (not active)

Charles C. Myers Water Well Service (not active)

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