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R & A Water Well Service (not active)

Brant E. Rader Drilling Co. (not active)

Rainey Water Well (active)

Ralph's Welding Shop and Irrigation Drilling (not active)

Rapid Drilling Construction, LTD (not active)

Rapid Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Razek Environmental, LLC (active)

Red Tiger lrr. Drlg & Supply (not active)

Darrell D. Redinger Drilling & Trenching (not active)

Redinger Well Service (active)

Curtis Redington Resources (not active)

Redox Tech, LLC (active)

Redox Tech, LLC (not active)

Rudolph J. Reiser Water Well Service, Inc. (not active)

Jerry Reiserer Well Drilling (not active)

Reiserer Well Drilling (active)

Republican Valley Irrigation (not active)

Republican Valley Irrigation, LLC (active)

Ralph Richmond Well Drilling (not active)

Rieschick Drilling Co., Inc. (active)

Harley S. Riggs Plumbing Company, Inc. (not active)

John Rivenburg Well Service (not active)

Riverview Drilling and Water Well Service, LLC (not active)

RMD Drilling and Well Service, LLC (active)

Thad Robert (not active)

Roberts Environmental Drilling, Inc. (active)

L.J. Roberts Drilling (not active)

Robert's Environmental Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Charles W. Roberts Environmental Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Craig Roberts Co. (not active)

Roberts/Schornick & Associates, Inc. (not active)

Jerrod Robinson (not active)

Jack W. Robison Well Drilling (not active)

Rocky Mountain Geothermal, Inc. (not active)

Roper Company, LLC (not active)

Rork Drilling (active)

Rosencrantz-Bemis Enterprises, Inc. (active)

John T. Ross (not active)

Mack Ross Irrigation, Inc. (not active)

Douglas Roy (not active)

Oscar Rush Water Well Service (not active)

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