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S & H Drilling Co.,Inc. (not active)

S.W. & B. Drilling (not active)

SabreProbe, LLC (active)

Sager's Pump Service (active)

Sam's Water Well Service (not active)

Sanders Drilling (not active)

Sargent Drilling (active)

Chas. Sargent Irrigation, Inc. (not active)

Chas. Sargent Irrigation, Inc. (active)

Schaal Drilling (active)

Schaal Drilling Co. (active)

Schaal Drilling (active)

Schaal Drilling Co. (not active)

Schaal Drilling Co. (not active)

Schaal Drilling Co. (not active)

William Schimpf Water Well Drilling (not active)

Schmidt Drilling Co. (not active)

Schoenrogge Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Schurr Drilling (not active)

Kenneth Schutz Drilling (not active)

Scott Drilling (not active)

Seagull Environmental Technologies, Inc. (active)

Sebes Well Service (not active)

See Well Video and Consulting, LLC (not active)

Seldon Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Sellers Drilling (not active)

Servi-Tech, Inc. (not active)

Shamrock Environmental Drlg (not active)

Robert L. Sharp Water Well Services (not active)

Gary Sheahan (active)

J.H. Shears Sons, Inc. (not active)

Shepherd Engineering Testing Co. (not active)

Shirley Environmental Testing LLC (not active)

Shuck Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Alan Siedel Water Well Service (not active)

Simmon's Drlg (not active)

Sirmons Drilling (not active)

Gary Sisk Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Gary Sisk Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Gary Sisk Drilling Co. (active)

Gary Sisk Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Richard A. Dechant, Site Services, Inc. (not active)

Paul Slocum Water Well Drilling (not active)

Small's Water Well Drlg & Serv. (not active)

Rodney W. Smith Well Drilling (not active)

James Ray Smith Pump Service (not active)

Jime Smith Pump Service (not active)

James Ray Smith Pump Service (not active)

Robert Sneed Drilling (not active)

M J Solander (not active)

Southern Welipoint Co. (not active)

Southwest Environmental Engineering LLC (active)

Southwest Windmill and Water Well Service, Inc. (active)

Speer Lawn and Landscape, LLC (active)

Leo J. Stalder Drilling (not active)

Standard Testing & Engineer (not active)

Steele Water Well Serv. (not active)

Step Brothers (active)

Sterling Drlg, Co. (not active)

Steve's Drilling (active)

Steve's Drilling (active)

Stewart Brothers Drilling Co. (not active)

William J. Stobbe Water Well Drlg. (not active)

Stoffel-Nelson Water Well Drilling (not active)

Stone Environmental, Inc. (not active)

Stout's Water Well Service, Inc. (not active)

Harold Strader Drilling Company (not active)

Strader Drilling Co., Inc. (not active)

Roddy Qualls Environmental Drilling (active)

Struckhoff Sons (not active)

Subsurface Investigations (not active)

Sunbelt Environmental Service (active)

Superior Plumbing of Wichita (not active)

Superior Environmental Corp. (not active)

Swank Water Well Drlg. (not active)

Edgar Swank Water Well Drilling (not active)

Royce Swank Drilling (not active)

Edgar Swank Drlg & Pump Repair (not active)

Swearengen Drlg Co. (not active)

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