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T and T Water Well Drilling (active)

T & W Water Well Serv., Inc. (not active)

Talon/LPE (active)

Taylor and Assoc., Inc. (not active)

TD Drilling, Inc. (not active)

TerraCon Consultants, Inc. (active)

Terracon Consultants, Inc. (active)

Terra Temp Drilling (active)

Thiele Geotech, Inc. (active)

Thimesch Electric (not active)

Carl Thoman & Son (not active)

Audie Thornburg (active)

Thunder Pump & Plumbing (active)

Tichenor Drilling, Inc. (not active)

Total Service Co. Pototoc, Inc. (active)

Town & Country Water Well Service, LLC (active)

TR's Corporation (not active)

Mark J. Traut Wells, Inc. (active)

Tri Valley Irrigation & Drlg. (not active)

Triple B Drilling (not active)

TSI Engineering (not active)

Pat Tubbs Drilling (not active)

Tumble Weed Drlg (not active)

Tunesco Well Services (active)

Tyler Water Well, Inc. (active)

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