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The link below contains the data you requested in a comma-delimited, ASCII file that should be readable by normal spreadsheet or database software. Files are deleted after 24 hours.
Hold your right mouse button down when you click on the link and select "Save Link to Disk" from the pop-up menu or the data file will be displayed as a web page. On Macintosh computers, hold your mouse button down and a pop-up menu should appear.


Please Note--The file format is designed to make the data easier to manipulate in Excel. For files of wells and tops that are more suited to GIS and mapping use, please use the Master List of Oil and Gas Wells.

Below is a description of the columns saved.

KGS IDUnique ID for the well assigned by the Survey. Not necessarily permanent.
API_NUMBERAPI number assigned by the Kansas Corp. Commission, or from historical records.
LEASE_AND_WELLLease name and Well number.
FIELDOil and gas field name
LATITUDENAD 1927, generated from the legal location.
LONGITUDESome new wells have GPS longitude and latitude.
TOWNSHIPPublic Land Survey System township number, 1-35 in Kansas.
TWN_DIRTownship direction. S (south) or N (north), Always south in Kansas
RANGEPublic Land Survey System range number, 1-43 in west and 1-25 in east.
RANGE_DIRRange direction. E (east) or W (west).
SECTIONThe PLSS section the site is located in: 1-36
SPOT The legal quarter description qualifiers list as NE, NW, SE, and SW, etc..
FOOTAGESDistance in feet north-south and east-west from the reference location.
OPERATOROperator of the well at drilling completion. Not usually updated except at workover.
LOG_OPERATOROperator of the well as listed on the log itself.
ELEVATIONThe elevation the well, in feet.
ELEV_REFKB is Kelly bushing, DF is derrick floor, GL is ground level, TOPO is estimate based on digital model.
DEPTHTotal depth of well, not plugged back.
FORM_AT_DEPTHFormation at total depth.
SPUDDate of drilling start.
COMPLETIONDate of drilling finish.
PLUGGINGDate well plugged.
STATUSWell status--type of well. Abbreviation list
LOGGERName of the company that created the well log.
TOOLName of the logging tool.
LOG_TOPFeet below the surface of the top of the log. Note small zones such as an evaporite layer may be plotted on the log but not shown here.
LOG_BOTTOMFeet below the surface of the deepest part of the log.
LOG_DATEDate when the log was measured.
BHTTemperature at the bottom of the hole.
LOG_COLORColor of the original log.
SCAN_COLORColor of the scan.
SCAN_URLURL of the scans made of the log.
UPDATE_DATEDate this scan was (probably) created or last updated.

Kansas Geological Survey, Scanned Wireline Logs Database
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