Digital Petroleum Atlas
Lake Northeast Field
General Information

Lake Northeast Field Oil & Gas Data

General Field Information

Produces Oil: Yes Produces Gas: Yes

Discovery Well(s)

Discovery Date Well Name Available Well Data Oil Production Gas Production LAS File Viewer with Core Data Plots Core Image Core Data Table
14 FEB 1985 Mills Feed 1
No Oil Production
No Digital LAS Files No Core Images No Core Data
Well Location: A C SE SW 19-T31S-R13W
Rotary Total Depth: 3825
Production Zone: Douglas Gas
Data Source: DISCOVERY 81

Summary Production Information

Field Size: 640 acres
Total Wells: 10
Productive Oil Wells: 1 as of April 2019
Productive Gas Wells: 3 as of February 2012
Abandoned Wells: 3
Cumulative Oil: 7,198.43 bbls as of April 2019
Cumulative Gas: 1,388,913.00 mcf as of February 2012

Producing Formation:

(Douglas Group)

Depth Top: 3736 feet

DOUGLAS (Douglas Group)

Thickness: 4 feet

DOUGLAS (Douglas Group)
Oil & Gas Production Information

Produces Gas: Yes

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