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Gas Storage Field--Piqua

Field name: Piqua ; Operated by Williams Gas Pipeline Central
Located in: Woodson , Allen counties

Reservoir discovered: 1922 ; Year Activated: 1955 ; Active?: Yes

Storage Type: Depleted Reservoir
Original Contents: Gas ; Original Pressure: 295 (psig); Original reserves: 3230 (mmcf)

Formation Name: Colony Sd.
Storage Lithology: Sandstone
Gross Thickness: 20 (feet)
Trap Type: Structural Trap
Formation Depth Maximum: 898 ; Minimum:

Injection or Withdrawl Wells: 30
Observation, Pressure Control Wells: 8
Compressor Horsepower:
Pipe Diameter Maximum: 10 ; Minimum 3

Base Gas Volume: 2900 (mmcf)
Maximum Developed Gas Volume: 300 (mmcf)
Maximum Storage Pressure: 295 (psig)
Maximum Daily Delverability: 16000 (mcf)
Maximum Designed Daily Volume: (mcf)
Annual Cycling Capability:
Undeveloped Capacity: 0 (mmcf)
Comments: Deliverability ties to maximum dependable daily withdrawal at a minimum inventory of base gas level plus one day's withdrawals.

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Programs Updated Nov. 2004.
General field info courtesy American Gas Association.