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Hah--Oil and Gas Production

Additional information on this field is available in the Digital Petroleum Atlas
Discoveries currently listed:
Operator: Petroluem Inc.
Lease: Harrison B, Well 1
Location: 24S-13W: NE SW SW 17
Discovery Date: 07/08/1958
Producing zone: LKC Oil
Operator: Pate-Dombaugh
Lease: Harrison, Well 1
Location: 24S-13W: C W2 SE SW 17
Discovery Date: 06/14/1984
Producing zone: Mississippi Oil

Counties: Stafford
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Status Info: Abandoned on 01/07/1970, Revived on 06/14/1984
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Producing Formations
Name Depth (ft.) Thickness (ft.) Oil Grav Produces Temperature

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Year Oil Gas
Wells Cumulative
Wells Cumulative
1984 - 1 25,136 - - 0
1985 239 1 25,375 - - 0
Updated through 1-1985.
Note: bbls is barrels; mcf is 1000 cubic feet.

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