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Yearly and monthly production

KOHL Lease
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Lease: KOHL
Operator: DaMar Resources, Inc.
Location: SW SE NE T13S, R20W, Sec. 18
Cumulative Production: 7863 barrels (from 1985 to 1993)
KS Dept. of Revenue Lease Code: 123166
KS Dept. of Revenue Lease Name: KOHL #4A
Field: Raynesford
County: Ellis
Producing Zone:

Data are received monthly from the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Annual Oil Production, (bbls)
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Year Production Wells
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1985 2,722 1
1986 1,468 1
1987 1,141 1
1988 818 1
1989 644 1
1990 648 1
1991 324 1
1992 - -
1993 98 1
Reported through 5-1993.
Note: bbls is barrels; mcf is 1000 cubic feet.

Pre-1987 cumulative data and monthly volume data is provided under license agreement to the KGS by IHS Energy. As such, it may be reviewed and used for public service and research purposes. It may not be downloaded or used for purposes of re-packaging, reselling or dissemination to third parties.

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