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ACL Production, LLC
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Kansas Geological Survey
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Programs Updated July 12, 2016
Production data from Kansas Dept. of Revenue files monthly.
Company data from Kansas Dept. of Revenue and Corporation Commission files.
OPERATOROperator name
KGS_IDID code used by the Survey to keep track of operators
DOR_IDID code assigned by the Kansas Dept. of Revenue
KCC_IDID code assigned by the Kansas Corporation Commission
YEARYear for the production information
MONTHMonth for the production information. Yearly data is indicated by Month=0;
starting cumulative value indicated by Month=-1
OIL_PRODUCTIONProduction of oil in barrels for the time interval shown
OIL_WELLSNumber of wells assigned to this operator
GAS_PRODUCTIONProduction of gas for the time interval shown; in MCF (1000 cubic feet)
GAS_WELLSNumber of wells assigned to this operator