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Data from Wyandotte County

Water Databases
WWC5 The Water Well Completion Records database contains information from records submitted by water well drillers to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. There are 5381 records for Wyandotte County.
Wizard The Wizard database contains water level information for many wells in Kansas.
WIMAS WIMAS is a web based application that allows users to query, analyze, and map Kansas water right data. Data is retrieved daily from the Kansas Department of Agriculture's, Division of Water Resources Water Rights Information System.
Other Databases
Industrial Minerals View active and inactive quarries.
Bibliography Created by the KGS, the bibliography lists all publications from all sources concerning the geology and hydrology of Kansas.
Photo Library A selection of Kansas photos from our files.
Measured Sections Descriptions of outcrops (limited availabilty).
Web sites and pages
Bulletin: Geology of Wyandotte County, Kansas
Geologic Map: Web version of Wyandotte County geologic map

These next links present resources outside of the Kansas Geological Survey.
GIS data available from the State of Kansas Data Access and Support Center
The Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) Program conducts research on environmental and agricultural applications of remote sensing technology.
Home page of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS, unified government

Kansas Geological Survey, Data Sets and Searches
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