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Sec. 6, T. 21 S., R. 5 E
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Old railroad quarry north of Highway 50S about 1 mile east of Florence
Measured By W. Ives, 8/11/1953
Unit No. Description Thickness
1 Limestone part is rather soft with chalky look and feel to it, fresh color is a yellowish-white or brownish-white to a cream shade; bedding ranges from medium to massive; rock is medium grained and contains all sorts of fossils - brachiopods, gastropods, bryozoans, and algae; some of the fossils are crystalline calcite and some appear silicified. Formation contains an abundance of chert, some of which occurs randomly scattered though the rock, but mostly is found in definite beds, usually from 4 to 8 inches thick; chert is a gray-black color, usually with white borders and some of it is stained brown; contains fossils also. Limestone weathers to a creamy or very light brown. 22.1 ft.

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