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T25S R12W, Sec. 21, NE NE NE H & D Exploration LLC
(H & D Exploration LLC)
Fisher 1 15-185-23851
1868 KB
1861 GL
4225 Slade Northwest 11-JAN-2014 01-OCT-2015 OIL-P&A
Plugged and Abandoned
T25S R12W, Sec. 22, W2 NE NW NE H & D Exploration LLC
(H & D Exploration LLC)
Nichols 'A' 1 15-185-23834
1869 KB
1862 GL
4275 Slade Northwest 04-OCT-2013 07-NOV-2016 OIL-P&A
Plugged and Abandoned

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