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LAS Header
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This page shows the header section of the LAS file you have selected. The display ends just after the area where the curve data begins.
~Version Information
VERS.                      2.0: CWLS Log ASCII Standard - VERSION 2.0
WRAP.                       NO: One line per depth step
~Well Information Block
STRT.FT              1061.0000: START DEPTH
STOP.FT                18.0000: STOP DEPTH
STEP.FT                -0.5000: STEP
NULL.                -999.2500: NULL VALUE
WELL.            KNOBLE # KE-3: WELL
FLD.                          : FIELD
LOC.           SW/4--935' FSL & 495' FWL: LOCATION
SECT.                       04: SECTION
TOWN.                     24 S: TOWNSHIP
RANG.                     18 E: RANGE
CNTY.                    ALLEN: COUNTY
SRVC.                         : SERVICE COMPANY
DATE.          Fri May 02 13-03-24 2014: LOG DATE
UWI.           15-001-30829-0000: UNIQUE WELL ID
STAT.                   KANSAS: STATE
~Curve Information Block
DEPT.FT            0 000 00 00: Depth
CASEOD.IN                    0: Casing O.D.
MATRXDEN.G/CC                0: Matrix Densi
GR.GAPI                      0: Gamma Ray
CILD.MMHO/M                  0: DIL Deep Conductivity
CILM.MMHO/M                  0: DIL Medium Conductivity
CLL3.MMHO/M                  0: DIL Shallow Conductivity
RILD.OHM-M                   0: DIL Deep Resistivity
RILM.OHM-M                   0: DIL Medium Resistivity
RLL3.OHM-M                   0: DIL Shallow Resistivity
~Parameter Information Block

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