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Please Note: A new column has been added to show the KDHE license number of the well driller (Oct. 2, 2019).


The link below contains lithologic log info from the wells selected. Only older wells have this data; the KGS does not type in log data and does not check existing data.


Most wells have longitude and latitude calculated by the KGS from the legal descriptions. The datum for the longitude and latitude is NAD 27.

Below is a description of the columns saved.
WELL_IDUnique ID assigned by the Survey for each record
COUNTYName of the county where well is located
TOWNSHIPPublic Land Survey System township number, 1-35 in Kansas
TWN_DIRTownship direction. S (south) or N (north), Always south in Kansas
RANGEPublic Land Survey System range number, 1-43 in west and 1-25 in east
RANGE_DIRRange direction. E (east) or W (west)
SECTIONThe PLSS section the site is located in: 1-36
SPOTThe legal quarter description qualifiers list as NE, NW, SE, and SW, etc. Ordered from smallest to largest.
LONGITUDENAD 1927, generated from the legal location or entered by GPS
LATITUDENAD 1927, generated from the legal location or entered by GPS
LONG_LAT_TYPEEither "GPS" or "From PLSS."
If calculated from PLSS, then good to the maximum quarter calls supplied.
OWNERName of owner on WWC5 form
WELL_USEDescription of how the well is being used
COMPLE_DATEDate the well was completed
STATUSAs of the completion date, Constructed, Reconstructed, or plugged
OTHER_IDUseful ID from WWC5 such as monitoring well number or oil well name
DWR_NUMBERWater right number if known
DIRECTIONSWritten instructions on how to find the well
WELL_DEPTHDepth the well is completed, feet
ELEVLand surface elevation, feet
STATIC_DEPTHDepth to water at time of completion, feet
EST_YIELDYield of well at time of completion, gallons per minute
DRILLERName of driller
WELL_KIDWell ID from Master List of Water Wells
SCANNEDY if the form has been scanned; N if it is not scanned yet
URLLink to web page for this record
NAD83_LONGITUDENAD 1983, generated from the legal location or entered by GPS
NAD83_LATITUDENAD 1983, generated from the legal location or entered by GPS
CONTRACTORS_LICENSE_NUMBERKDHE Licence Number of the well driller

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