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Well T5S, R1W, Sec. 21, NE NE NE, Action: Constructed

Location Info
Owner: St. Pierre, Warren Status: Constructed
Location: T5S, R1W, Sec. 21, NE NE NE County: Cloud
Directions: From Clyde, 1 mi N and 1 mi W
Latitude: 39.6096131 Longitude: -97.426162 Datum NAD 27
Latitude: 39.6096131 Longitude: -97.4264748 Datum NAD 83
Longitude and latitude calculated by Survey from township-range-section-quarter calls. Only good to within the quarter call accuracy.
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General Info
Well Depth: 160 ft. Elevation: 1351 ft.
Static Water Level: 80 ft. Est. Yield: 25 gpm.
Comp. Date: 23-May-1988 Well Use: Domestic
DWR Applic. #: Other ID:
Driller Info
Driller: Cox-Beswick Irrigation Service, Inc. License #: 361
Scanned Form
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Chemical Sample Submitted?: No
Water Well disinfected?:
Ground water encountered: 110 ft. , 0 ft. , 0 ft.
Pump test data: Well water was 155 ft after 1 hours pumping 25 gpm
Casing Info
Casing Type: PVC
Casing Joints:
Diam: 5 in. to 140 ft
Diam: 0 in. to 0 ft
Diam: 0 in. to 0 ft
Casing height above land surface: in
Casing Weight: lbs/ft
Wall thickness or gauge no.:
Screen and Perforation Info
Screen Type: PVC Screen Openings: Saw cut
Screen-perforated intervals From: 140 ft to 160 ft
From: 0 ft to 0 ft
From: 0 ft to 0 ft
Gravel pack intervals From: ft to ft
Grout Info
Grout used: Bentonite From: 0 to 20 ft
From: 0 to 0 ft
From: 0 to 0 ft
Source of Possible Contamination
Source: Abandoned water well
Direction from well: Distance: 0 ft
Lithologic Log
(Log data entered by KGS.)
From: 0 ft. to 110 ft. clay
From: 110 ft. to 160 ft. sand rock
From: 160 ft. to ft. calico clay

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