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B & B Oil Recovery

B & B Oil, LLC

B & D Oil, LLC

B & G Production, Inc.

B & H Drilling, a General Partnership

B & L

B & L Oil

B & M Oil Co.. A General Partner


B and B Oil Company

B-F Oil Co. L.L.C.

B. A. Oil Company LLC

B5 Operating, LLC

Baber Oil Co., LLC

Bach Oil Production

Bailey Oil Co., Inc.

Bailey, Albian W., Jr.

Bailey, Gene M.

Baird Oil Co, Inc

Baird Oil Company LLC

Ballou Energy

Ballou Oil Well Service

Bandy, Paul & Marjorie, Irrevocable Trust

Banks Oil Co

Banks, R. C.

Banner Oil

Bar CT Ranch, LP

Barbour Energy Corporation

Barker Oil

Barline Oil, LLC

Barnard Oil Operations

Barnett Oil Co

Barnett Oil LLC

Barracuda Operating Company

Bartling Oil Company

Barton Exploration, Inc.

Barts Oilfield Services

Basgall Oil LLC

Bates Oil

Bauer Oil Investment, LLC

Bauer, Todd

Bayonet Petroleum LLC


BDW Oil Company LLC

Bear Petroleum, LLC

Beaver Oil Company, a General Partnership

Beck Resources Incorporated

Becker Oil Corporation

Becker, Clyde M.

Becker, Mike

Beckford, Dwayne & Rita

Bell Brothers

Belport Oil, Inc.

Bema Production Company


Benchmark Energy LLC

Benchmark Oil & Gas Corporation

Bengalia Land and Cattle Company

Bengston Oil, LLC

Bennett & Schulte Oil Co., A General Partnership

Benson Mineral Group, Inc.

Bentley Oil & Gas Company

Berco Oil Co., A General Partnership

Beren Corporation

Berenergy Corporation

Berentz Drilling Co., Inc.


Bergman, Anna F. Trust, a General Partnership

Beymer Brothers, LLC

BG-5, Inc.

Bickle Energies LLC

Bieberle Oil & Gas Inc.

Big "O"

Big Eight Energy, L.L.C.

Biggy's Petroleum

Bill Gallagher Enterprises LLC

Birch Creek, LLC

Bird Dog Oil, LLC

Birk Petroleum

Birk, Edward E.

Bisbee Oil and Gas Co., Inc.

Bison Energy Corporation

Black Dahlia Oil & Gas Co.

Black Diamond Oil, Inc.

Black Dog Development LLC

Black Dome Energy Corporation

Black Gold Kansas George, LLC

Black Gold Well Service, Inc.

Black Oak Exploration

Black Rock Resources, LLC

Black Star 231 Corp.

Black Stone Petroleum LLC

Black Tea Oil, LLC

Black, Frank J., Oil Operations, Inc.

Black-Travis, Inc.

Blackhawk Exploration, Inc.

Blackhawk Production Company

Blackstone Oil & Gas (Kansas), LLC

Blaes, Leo Raymond

Blaes, William E.

Blake Exploration, LLC

Blake Production Co., Inc.

Blessed Operating LLC

Bloomer Well Service

Bloomer, Don C. and Bessie L. Liv. Trust

Blue Diamond Holdings, LLC

Blue Goose Drilling Company, Inc.

Blue Ridge Petroleum Corporation

Blue Sky Investments LLC

Blue Steel Investments, LLC

Blue Top Crude Oil Co., Inc.

Blue Top Energy LLC

Bluestem, Inc

Bluff Creek Ridge, Inc.


Bob's Hauling Service, Inc.

Bob's Oil Service, Inc.

Bobcat Oilfield Service, Inc.

Bogle Oilfield Services, LLC

Bohannan, Jerry

Bollinger, Jerald

Bomber Oil Inc.

Bone, Sally L.

Booth Industries Oil and Gas, LLC


Borell, Albert W.

Borell, Elvern D.

Bow Creek Oil Company, General Partnership

Bowles, Jack

Bowman Oil Company, a General Partnership

Bowman, Galela M and/or Burgess, Leroy

BP America Production Company


BPG Capital, LLC

Brackeen Line Cleaning, Inc.

Braden Oil, LLC

Braden Petroleum & Well Plugging Company

Bradley Oil Company

Brady Fluid Service, Inc.

Brake, Aaron

Bramwell Petroleum, Inc.

Brant Energy, LLC

Bratco Operating Company

Braun, John

Breck Operating Corp.

Brehm Asset Management, LLC

Breitburn Operating LP

Breitenbach Family Farms LLC

BRG Petroleum LLC

BRG Petroleum, Inc.

Brickley Enterprises, LLC

Bridwell Oil Company, a General Partnership

Bridwell, Kayla & Gary

Bright, Wayne E.

Brinker Enterprises, LLC

Brite Liquids, LLC

Brito Oil Company, Inc.

Brock Oil & Gas Corporation


Brower, Robert C.

Brown, William F.

Bruce Oil Company, L.L.C.

Bruenger, Vern

Brull, Allen

Brungardt Oil and Leasing Inc.

Brunson Production, Inc.

BTA Operating

Buck, Paul Jordan

Buckhorn Production Company LP

Buffalo Oil & Gas, LLC

Buffalo Resources LLC

Bullseye Oilfield Service

Bullseye Petroleum, Inc.

Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co.

Burris Energy LLC

Burris, J. R.

Butler Petroleum LLC

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