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W & W Production Company, General Partnership

W M Petroleum LLC

W. R. Williams, Inc.

W.D. Short Oil Co., LLC

W.R.A. Oil Co.

Wabash Energy Corporation

Wachtman-Schroeder, a General Partnership

Walcher Oil, LC

Walcher, Wayne E.

Walker Tank Service, Inc

Walker, Ervin Gilbert

Waller Oil, LLC

Walls, Charles A.

Walton, Tara

War Cry, LLC

Ward Feed Yard, Inc.

Ward Petroleum Corporation

Warren American Oil Company LLC

Watt, Larry

Watts Oil and Gas

Watts Tank Truck Service, Inc.

Wausau Development Corporation

Webco Oil Company, Inc.

Weber Four Oil Co., Inc.

Webster Oil LLC

Wehmeyer, Gerald

Weigel Oil Company, LLC

Weinkauf Petroleum, Inc.

Well Tech Oil and Gas, Inc.

Wellstar Corporation

Wellwin Drilling Corporation

Werth Exploration Trust

West Place Crude, LLC

West Plains Enterprises, Inc

Western Frontier Adventure, LLC

Western Operating Company

Western Pacific Farms, Inc.

Westgate Oil Company, Inc.

Westlake Energy Consultants, Inc.

Westmore Drilling Company, Inc.


Wheeler Oil Company

Whitaker Companies, Inc.

Whitco Petroleum, LP

White & Ellis Drilling, Inc.

White Eagle Resources Corp.

White Exploration, Inc.

White Hawk Oil Company, a General Partnership

White Hawk Oil Company, LLP

White Pine Petroleum Corporation

White, Kenneth S.

Whitetail Crude, Inc

Whitlow Energy, Inc.

Widener, A.C. Farms, Inc.

Widrig Oil LLC

Wiesner, Tom Oil Operations

Wilcox Oil, LLC

Wilcox, Carole N.

Wild Colt Oil and Gas LLC

Wild Horse Resources, LLC

Wildcat Exploration LLC

Wildcat Oil & Gas LLC

Wildcat Resources

Wildhorse Operating Company


Williams Oil Company

Williams, M. A.

Williams, Paul M. and/or Judy A.

Williford Energy Company

Willis Energy

Wilson County Holdings LLC

Wilson, Mark D.

Wilson, Patricia J.

Wilton Petroleum, Inc.

Wind River Exploration Inc.

Winder Oil Company

Windfall Oil, LLC

Wineland Oil - LLC

Winterscheid Oil, LLC

Wirtz Oil, LLC

WM KS Energy Resources LLC

Wood Energy, Inc.

Wood, E. H., Jr.

Woods Oil

Woodway Oil & Gas I, LLC

Woolsey Operating Company, LLC

Woolsey Petroleum Corporation

WPX Energy Production, LLC

Wrestler, David L., a General Partnership

Wrestler, Ronald D., a General Partnership

Wurtz, Albert B.

Wynn-Crosby Operating, Ltd.

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