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H & B Oil Company

H & B Petroleum Corp.

H & C Oil Operating Inc.

H & D Exploration LLC

H & H Oil Co.

H & L Operating Co.

H & L Oprerating Company LLP

H & M Packers Serv. L.L.C.

H & M Petroleum Corporation

H & S Oil Co., LLC


H&W Oil Company

H-D Oilfield Service, Inc.

H. H. Blair Oil Company, Inc.

H. I., Inc.

H2Oil Opco, LLC

Haack Operating Company

Haas Petroleum, LLC

Haas, John L.(Deceased)

Habit Petroleum, LLC

Hacker, Jack

Had-A-Call Oil

Haddock, Jack L.

Haffner, Dan

Haile, Guy W.

Hale, L.D.

Hall, Michael Wayne

Hallwood Petroleum, Inc.

Hamby Oil LLC

Hammer MacLean ETAL

Hammerschmidt, William E

Har-Ken Agent, OK

HarCon Energy, LLC

Hardin Oil Co.

Harper Oil Co.

Harris Oil & Gas Company

Harris, David

Hart Energies, LLC

Hart, Nick and Connie

Hartman Oil Co., Inc.

Hat Creek Cattle Company, a General Partnership

HAT Production LLC

Haul-Pac, Inc.

Hawkins Oil, LLC

Hayden Operating

Hayes Oil & Gas LLC

Hazen, Ty Anthony

HB Energy LLC

HDH Resources, Inc.

Heartland Oil, Inc.

Heath Farms

Heath, Mark

Hegwald, Jacob L.

Heller, Phillip & Charlene

Helm Energy Company

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

Hembree Oil Production, LLC

Hembree Oilfield Services, LLC

Hensley Oil Company LLC

Herman Krug - Oil Operations


Hermreck Oil Company

Hertel Oil Company LLC

Hess Oil Company

Hesse Petroleum Co.,L.L.C.

Hessert Loc Inc

Hewitt Energy Group, Inc.

Higginbottom Engineering, Inc.

High Bluff Operating LLC

High Plains Production, LLC

High Plains Production, LLC

Hill Oil and Gas Co., Inc.

Hillenburg Oil Co., a General Partnership

HJ, Inc.

HKW Oil Company, Inc.

Hodges Oil

Hodges, Dennis D. and/or Peggy D.

Hoehn Oil LLC

Hoener, Ross

Hoepker, Larry

Hoff, Lawrence A.

Hoffman Oil, Inc.

Hoffman Resources LLC

Hoffman, Brian

Holland, Nancy G.

Holt, Carol

Holtom, Bill, A General Partnership

Honey Well, LLC

Hopkins, George Allen

Hopper Oil Co., Inc.

Horseshoe Operating, Inc.

Horst Oil, LLC

Horton, Jack

Horton, John

Howell Oil Co.

Howell Oil Company, Inc.

HPH Kansas LLC

HRM Resources II, LLC

Huber Oil Company, a General Partnership

Huber, J.M. Corporation

Hughes Drilling Co, a General Partnership

Hugoton Energy Corporation

Humerickhouse Oil, LLC

Hummingbird Oil, LLC

Hummon Corporation

Hunt Oil, LLC

Huntington Energy, LLC

Hupfer Operating, Inc.

Hurricane Services, Inc.

Hurt, Sue

Hutchinson Oil Co.

Hutton, Charles N., Sr.

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