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G & C Oil

G & J Oil Company, Inc.

G & J Petroleum, Inc.

G & J Production LLC

G & N Well Service, a General Partnership

G & R Oil Co.

G L M Company

Gabel, Craig

Galemore Oil Co.

Galloway Drilling Co., Inc.

Galt Investment Company, LLC

Gamma Resources Inc.

Garo Investment Company

Gas Chasers Inc.

Gas Transmission Organization, Inc.

Gateway Resources U.S.A., Inc.

Gateway Resources, LLC

Gear Petroleum Company, Inc.

Gee Oil Service LLC

Geist Oil Operations

Gen-Dor Oil Co.

Gene Karlin Company

General Atlantic Resources, Inc.

Geo Oil & Gas Service, a General Partnership

Geo-Sax Petroleum

Geo. R. Shaw Living Trust

George, Mark

Gerald Michaelis Oil

German Oil Company

Gerstenkorn Oil Production, a General Partnership

Gerstner, Joe

Gerts An Oil, LLC

Giant Holding, LLC

Gideon Oil Operations

Gilbert-Stewart Operating LLC

Giles, Benjamin M.

Gilliland, Anthony L.

Gilmore, Jeff

Ginther Oil, Inc.

Givens, Bret

Glacier Petroleum Co., Inc.

Glenn Supply Company, Inc.

Glenwood Resources, Inc.

GLM Energy, Inc.

Global Exploration, Ltd.

Globe Operating, Inc.

Glori Holdings, Inc.

Goby Energy, Inc.

Goff, Betty J.

Gore Oil Company

Gra Ex, LLC

Graber Oil

Grady Bolding Corporation

Graham, Lowell H.

Grand Mesa Operating Company

Grandon, Jerry L. and/or Alice

Granite Petroleum LLC

Grass Hopper Oil Company

Graves Drilling Co., Inc.

Great Plains Energy, Inc.

Great Plains Petroleum, Inc.

Green Enterprises

Green Enterprises

Green Operating Company, Inc.

Green, Frank

Greenwood Resources L.L.C.

Greer, Jack (deceased)

Greer, Patricia R.

Greer, Tom

Gressel Production, LLC

Gressel, Dewey H. (deceased) Estate

Greystone, Inc.

Griffin, Charles N.

Grunder Oil, LLC

Guinotte Company LLC

Gulf Exploration, LLC

Gulick Drilling , Inc.

Gunner Oil Company

Gus Jones Cable Tool Service, LLC

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