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T & C Mfg. & Operating, Inc.

T & P Oil & Gas, L.L.C.

T & R Oil Company, a General Partnership

T & W Ward Oil, LLC

T-N-T Engineering, Inc.

T.C.G. Oil Co.

T.J. Oil

Tailwater, Inc.


Taos Resources Operating Company LLC

Tapstone Energy, LLC

Targa Pipeline Mid-Continent Westok LLC

Tauy Oil, Inc

Taylor Oil Co.

TDI, Inc.

TDOT Oil, Inc.

TDR Construction, Inc.

Te-Pe Oil & Gas

Te-Ray Energy, Inc.

Te-Ray Resources, LLC

TEHI Illinois, LLC

Teichgraeber Oil, Inc.

Tengasco, Inc.

TET Energy

Texaco Expl. and Prod. Inc.

Texas Coastal Operating Company LLC

Texas State Oil Company

Texas Tea Oil & Gas Serv. Inc. (R) 7/85

TexKan Exploration LLC

TexKan Resources, LLC

TGT Petroleum Corporation

The Bill Bowman Oil Company

The Gary-Williams Company

The Gemini Oil Company

The Pyramid Corporation, Inc.

The Raven Company LLC

The Trees Oil Company

Thomas Exploration Company

Thomas Garner, Inc.

Thomas M. Brown LLC

Thomas Well Service, Inc.

Thomason Petroleum, Inc

Thompson Oil Co

Thomsen Brothers Co., LLC

Thomsen, Roudine

Thornberry Family Partnership Ltd.

Thornton Air Rotary, LLC

Thornton Energy LLC

Thornton, Brad

Thoroughbred Associates L.L.C.

Three Rivers Exploration, LLC

Three-D Resources, Inc.

Thunder Oil & Gas, LLC

Thunderbolt Construction Corp

Tidal Wave Energy, Inc.

Tidd, Gary D.


Timberline Oil & Gas Corporation

Tinsmon, J. Corry

TKO Investments, Inc.

TM Enterprises, Inc.

TMM Investments Ltd.

TNT Energy LLC

Todd, Marc E

Toil Inc.

Tom Brown Construction, Inc.

Tom's Oil

Tomco Oil, Inc.

Tomlinson Oil Co., Inc.

Tomlinson Operating, LLC

Tontol, LLC

Toto Energy, LLC

Touchstone Trading & Transportation Inc

Town Oil Company Inc.

TR Crude LLC

Trans Pacific Oil Corporation

Trans-Western Operating Company

Transamerica Oil Corporation


TREK Resources, Inc.

Tri United, Inc

Trich Production, Inc.

Trimble & Maclaskey Oil LLC

Trimble, Ival L.

Trinity Bay Oil & Gas Inc.

Trinity Resources, Inc.

Triple "S" Well Service, Inc.

Triple B Crude, LLC

Triple C Petroleum LLC

Triple Crown Operating LLC

Triple S Construction

Triple T Oil, LLC

Triple T Resources, LP

Tripower Resources, Inc.

TriPower Resources, LLC

Troy Jaco, Inc.

True North Energy, LLC

Tubbs, Patrick

Tug Hill Operating, LLC

Turnco Drilling, Inc.

Turtle Oil Company

Twin M, Inc.

Twisted Oak Operating, LLC

TWM Production Co., a General Partnership

TyCo Oil Co.

Tyluka Operations, LLC

Kansas Geological Survey
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