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L & B Crude, Inc.

L & G Petroleum Operating, LLC

L & J Oil Properties, Inc.

L & P Enterprises, LLC

L & R Oil, Inc.

L H Energy, Inc.

L V Oil, LLC

L&M, Inc.

L-K Wireline, Inc.

L. B. Oil

L. B. Petroleum, Inc.

L. D. Drilling, Inc.


La Veta Oil & Gas, LLC

Lacen Oil

Lachenmayr Oil LLC

Lackey, Donna

Lakeshore Operating, LLC

Lamberd, Clayton

Landmark Resources, Inc.

Lang, Herman - Marital Trust

Lang, Kenneth R.

Langston Oil & Gas LLC

Lario Oil & Gas Company

Larson Operating Company

Lasso Energy LLC

Lawco Holdings, LLC

Lawson, A.C., Inc.

Laymon Oil II, LLC

Laymon, Michael

Layne Energy Operating, LLC

Lazy J Oil & Gas, L.L.C.

LB Exploration, Inc.

LDH Operating LLC

Leach, Elwood

Leasing & Development, Inc.

Leben Corp.

LeBosquet Gas Operations, LLC

Lebosquet, John W.

Lebsack Oil Production Inc.

LED Enterprises LLC

Lee Phillips Oil Company

Lefever, David & Mark, a General Partnership

Legacy Petroleum LLC

Legacy Reserves Operating LP

Legend Energy LLC

Legend Oil & Gas Ltd.

Leis Oil Services, LLC

Leis, John E.

Leis, Ryan M.

Leis, Steven A.

Leis, Victor J.

Lewis Energy, LLC

Lewis Oil & Gas of Galva, Inc.


Liberty Oper & Compl, Inc

Liboc, Inc.

Liedtke Operating Corporation

Lime Rock Resources II-A, LP

LIO-1 Corporation

Little Chief Energy Corporation

Little Joe's Oil Company

Llano Energy Partners LLC

Lobo Oil & Gas, LLC

Lobo Production, Inc

Lockard Petroleum, Inc.

Loewen Operator, Inc.

Lone Jack Oil Co.

Lone Wolfe Oil & Gas Co., LLC

Lonestar Oil Co

Long and Ware Oil, a General Partnership

Long Drilling Company, LLC

Long, Lewis C., a General Partnership

Long, Marvin Russel

Longhorn Crude, LLC

Longhorn Oil & Gas

Longton Explorations

Lorenz, James D.

Lorenzen Oil Company, Inc.

Lotus Operating Company, L.L.C.

Loveland Energy LLC

Loveless, Tabea Revocable Trust

Lowe's Arena, LLC

Lowry Exploration, Inc.

LR Energy, Inc.

LRC Development Corporation

LRR Partnership


Lucky Crude, LLC

Lucky Iron

Luff Exploration Company

Lutz, Scott T. Trust

Lutz, Thomas C. (deceased)

Lyons & Lyons, Inc.

Lyons, Clarence Jr.

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